Ivan Husin Yahya

General Manager

Jaya Wijaya

Business and Relationship Manager


Project Director

Leonard Cendana

Chief Planner


Kawa is a collection of professional dedicated in Architecture and Interior Design. Our passion is to design and build in order to create value to resources available at us. We build our work in order to satisfy the needs of our clients in terms of aesthetic, function, financial, time management, and project strategy.

We believe by working towards innovation and sustainable product, encouraging multidisciplinary professional terms to keep searching for alternatives, we can build a high performing project to give positive impact to our clients and our environment.


We will always listen to the needs of our customers; keep learning to satisfy the need of market.
We will act with urgency but remain positive to change. Work as efficiently as possible and keep looking for a way towards innovation.
We will be accountable for our actions and inactions, keep grooming our people and partners to work together towards our vision.
We will always work towards company that works to inspire creativity, passion, optimism, and fun.

Nuturing a winning network of customers and suppliers.
Together we create mutual and enduring value.

To create inspiration and make a difference by creating optimism and value